Gift of Hearing Foundation M. Bernice Dinner, Ph.D.

M. Bernice Dinner, Ph.D., Audiologist

Bernice Dinner was the founder and former CEO of Hear Now which was a Denver-based charitable organization that provided hearing aids and cochlear implants to low-income patients.  As the major force of this organization, Ms. Dinner was responsible for all facets of the business including programming, development and day-to-day operations.  After helping over 15,000 individuals and raising over $4 million dollars, Hear Now’s hearing aid assistance program merged with the Starkey Hearing Foundation upon Ms. Dinner’s relocation to the East coast.

Ms. Dinner is currently the audiologist for Littleton Regional Hospital in Littleton, New Hampshire.  Her responsibilities include providing diagnostic audiology services to the hospital's otolaryngologist, area pediatricians, and family physicians as well as the prescribing and fitting of hearing aids.  She also conducts Hearing Health Fairs for the community. 

Prior to this, Bernice’s other positions have included: philanthropic consultant to various medical and community 501(c)(3) organizations; Clinical Director of the Cochlear Implant program for Colorado Otologic Research Center; Clinical Director and President of the Board of Directors for Pfenninger Institute in Wheat Ridge, Colorado; and various audiology roles that include supervisory, instructional and staff positions.

Ms. Dinner holds a B.A. in Speech Pathology and an M.A. in Audiology from the University of Denver.  She received her Ph.D in Communication Disorders and Speech Science from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

In addition to full audiology licensure and professional memberships, Bernice holds leadership positions in several charitable organizations including the Presidency of the Jewish Charities of America.