Gift of Hearing Foundation Stacey McGovern

Stacey McGovern, M.Ed.

Stacey McGovern became a cochlear implant recipient in September of 2003 after suddenly losing her hearing in her mid twenties. Stacey is a Certified Massachusetts Educator. She spent over five years in the public sector as a third grade teacher in an inclusion setting. In both 2000 and 2001, Stacey was a Massachusetts Teacher of the Year Nominee. She has developed and implemented new curriculum in the areas of language arts, social studies and mathematics. Stacey has also served for four years on The Teachersí Assistance Team for a public school system.

She continues to work with parents and students to help children meet their educational goals for Individualized Educational Plans. Outside of the public school sector, Stacey McGovern has worked as a counselor for children at the Adoption Support and Enrichment Agency.

Stacey was graduated cum laude from Framingham State College with bachelor degrees in Elementary Education and Psychology after being awarded the Dorothea J. Kund Scholarship for Student Teaching Excellence, The Nancy Murphy Hatch Scholarship and The Ruth S. Pfeiffer Scholarships for Academic Excellence of an Education Major. In 1996, she was awarded membership to Kappa Delta Pi, which is an International Honor Society of Educators and Alpha Epsilon Alpha, which is an honor society of the International Reading Association. She earned a Masterís Degree in Elementary Curriculum with a specialization in Special Education from Lesley College in 1999.

She serves on the Board of Advisors for The Gift of Hearing Foundation and assists cochlear implant candidates as a Bionic Ear Association Volunteer.